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not just for high school

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ptune wrote in themix_tape

Another finale.  I've run this community since June of 2009.  Not a bad run.  Sounds about right considering my track record.  Anyway, I'm moving on.  I'll be working on another blog on another site.  Anyone who knows me on facebook will probably already know the URL.  I won't share the URL, but if you know my musical tastes, it shouldn't be that hard to find with a google search.

I love music more than most people, not even going to lie.  My tastes have changed quite a bit since high school.  I still like the stuff I grew up on, and there's new music coming out that I occasionally enjoy (though, not much).  I just want to experiment.  And when I think about it, I have damn good (if not varied) taste in music.

My gripe with Asian centric music blogs on livejournal now is that they're all nothing but dumping grounds for that week's new releases.  Not much originality and really only there to get comments (seriously? you're just uploading the stuff...).  They also didn't offer any substance outside of a download link.  I like to give my readers a little something to read.

The biggest regret I have is not finishing my top 200 of 2000s list.  For those who missed out on downloading the latest batch, they're under the cut so you can grab them (as bulk files).  Perhaps I'll be able to complete that list in some form.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Download every part and unzip with WinRar or 7-Zip.

1. The Breeze - Mwo Ra Hal Kka (4:04)
2. TRAX - End Of The World (3:50)
3. T.T.Ma - Wanna be Loved (3:56)
4. Uhm Jung Hwa - Da Ga Ra (3:23)
5. WAG - Kanashimi no ame (4:16)
6. Wang Lee Hom - Eien no hajimari (5:07)
7. WAX - Good Bye (3:57)
8. YeLLOW Generation - LOST Generation (5:41)
10. Younha - Gi Uhk (Rap Mix) featuring Tablo (4:21)
11. 7AIR - Kowarenai ai ga hoshii no (3:45)
12. A-Mei Chang - Big City (3:32)
13. amplified - MR.RAINDROP (2:40)
14. Angela Aki - Hallelujah (4:45)
15. AnyBand - TPL (Talk, Play, Love) (4:16)
16. Aya Ueto - kanshou (4:45)
17. Baby V.O.X - Bae Shin (3:36)
18. Bibi Chao - Ta You Ni Yao De (4:11)
19. bless4 - GAJUMARU no shita de (Original Mix) (5:35)
20. BoBo - Neut Eun Hoo Hee (4:51)
21. BONNIE PINK - What About Me? (3:32)
22. Chihiro Onitsuka - Rainman (3:39)
23. COMA-CHI - Heaven (5:06)
24. Diva - UP & DOWN (3:35)
25. Dominique Tsai - Wo Bu Xiang Zhi Dao Ta Shi Shei (3:55)
26. DOUBLE - Angel (4:50)
27. Emi Hinouchi - ai dake ga (5:02)
28. FAKE? - CANDY (3:46)
29. FUZZY CONTROL - white (3:29)
30. Genki Rockets - Never Ever (4:34)
31. GICODE - G・I・C・O・D・E (3:36)
32. hiro - Ai ga naiteru (4:34)
33. J - Noo Goo Do...Moo Uht Do... (4:38)
34. Jinusean - Follow Me (featuring m-flo) (4:04)
35. Joanne - Haes Sal Jo Eun Nal (3:17)
36. KAANA - DEAR SWEET LOVE~yoake to rakujitsu ni~ (AFTERGLOW VERSION) feat. DABO (6:15)
37. Kangta - Book Geuk Suhng (4:03)
38. Kaori Natori - Stay (5:11)
39. Kitchie Nadal - Wag Na Wag Mong Sasabihin (4:10)
40. Kou Shibasaki - Ukigumo (4:57)
41. Lee Hyo Lee - Bbal Gan Ja Dong Cha (with Kim Gun Mo) (3:01)
42. Lena Park - Moonlit Night featuring Tablo (3:36)
43. Lena Park - The City featuring Tablo (3:37)
44. LUNKHEAD - shiroi koe (4:48)
45. Mai - Away (4:29)
46. melody. - Close Your Eyes (5:08)
47. MONKEY MAJIK - everyone (3:33)
48. Morning - Seup Gwan (4:41)
49. My-Q - Myuh Chil Jjae (3:43)
50. Nana Katase - Shine (5:08)
51. Olivia Ong - I'll Move On (4:11)
52. PARADISE GO!! GO!! - ORION (4:53)
53. Park Jin Young - Nan Yuh Ja Ga Eet Neun Dae (4:01)
54. QUERER - How I love you (4:50)
55. Remigai - heikou kanata (4:57)
56. SAKURA - ipo (6:58)
57. Sonim - Curry Rice no Onna (4:48)
58. Sonim - Hoo Ae (Radio Edit) (3:10)
59. SoNya - Come Come Come (3:25)
60. Sunday - USOTSUKI BOY (4:18)
61. t. - To my love (4:16)
62. Takako Uehara - GLORY-kimi ga iru kara- (5:00)

As long as I can hear, I'll always have a rotation of some sort.  Thanks for reading and keep listening to the music.


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THank you so much for all your efforts

aw. another good one hits the dust. thanks for your tasty updates.

seriously though, all the new communities are exactly that: dumping grounds for new releases that have already been posted everywhere else.

I will miss your blog...I got to hear artist I hadn't heard before while gaining great background information regarding them...why I like this over others that have no true substance. I hope I will be able to find your new blog and wish you the best with your new efforts.

Thank you for all that you did share with us. It was wonderful while it last.

Damn. =(

Well, thank you for all the sharing and for all the effort you put into each entry. I have to say your music blogs were some of the best I've come across.

Oh no! SuperPChan was the reason I joined LJ. I'm sure I may run into you on the net again like I have the past 5 years.

I'm gonna miss your blog. I think it's the only site I went to that actually explained music choices and where it was apparent the uploader had passion for the music. Thanks! I hope I'll be able to find your website.

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