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200 songs of the 2000s || asian edition: 092 bonnie pink - what about me?
ptune wrote in themix_tape

A decade has passed.  So here are my picks of those ten years from all around Asia.

What About Me?
Take Me In

STYLE Alternative Rock
FORMAT MP3 320kbps
YEAR 2001
LABEL East West Japan

BONNIE PINK, or Kaori Asada (b. 1973), is a Japanese singer-songwriter born in Kyoto.  She debuted in 1995 under her real name with the album Blue Jam.  It failed to chart, and was her first experience with recording music.  Eventually, she would adopt the nickname "BONNIE PINK" (no special meaning) and team up with The Cardigans' producer, Tore Johansson.  Her second album in 1997, Heaven's Kitchen, proved to be more successful as it included a Rurouni Kenshin anime theme song, "It's Gonna Rain!".  From then on, PINK would turn into one of Japan's most respected contemporary female musicians.  She has played at Austin's SXSW in 2005 and also at Cannes.  BONNIE PINK released her third compilation in 2006, which sold close to 500,000 units.  Today, she's still recording music.  ¶  Everyone likes at least one BONNIE PINK song.  I have quite a few, but one that immediately comes to mind is this dark b-side, "What About Me?".  It's a bitter rock song about, what I take from the lyrics, being the other woman.  Lately, her music has been more melodic and soft spoken.  This is not the case with this song.