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200 songs of the 2000s || asian edition: 094 baby v.o.x - bae shin
ptune wrote in themix_tape

A decade has passed.  So here are my picks of those ten years from all around Asia.

Bae Shin
Lit. Betrayal
Baby V.O.X

STYLE Dance Pop, Europop
FORMAT MP3 320kbps
YEAR 2000
LABEL Synnara Music

Baby V.O.X (Voice of Xpression) is a South Korean girl group that debuted in 1997.  The original members were Kim EZ, Lee Hee Jin, Cha Yu Mi, Jang Hyun Jung and Jung Shi Woon.  Their first album Equalizher went generally unnoticed, but sported two singles, "Muh Ri Ha Neun Nal" and "Nam Ja Ae Ge".  For the second album, everyone except for EZ and Hee Jin were replaced with new girls Kan Mi Youn, Shim Eun Jin and Lee Gai.  This album brought them some attention with the popular songs "Ya Ya Ya" and "Change".  Eventually, Baby V.O.X met its final roster when Gai was dropped for lying about her age, and Yoon Eun Hye was brought in for the third album.  This quintet would last for four more albums before disbanding in 2006.  Eun Jin and Mi Youn both went solo and the others have acted and modeled.  ¶ Baby V.O.X outlasted S.E.S and Fin.K.L, and could have been the longest lasting South Korean girl group, but now JEWELRY has that title.  After the label reinvented the girls as more mature on "Get Up" and "Killer", the group came out with their fourth album, Why.  Its title song was a midtempo light R&B song that remains a favorite to this day.  They followed up with Mi Youn's image song, "Bae Shin".  Each girl was given an adjective for the album's concept - Mi Youn/betrayal, Yoon Hye/purity, EZ/passion, Eun Jin/recollection and Hee Jin/consent.  Which sound like things lost or found at a frat party.  Anyway, "Bae Shin" is composed by Kim Hyung Suk of Ac+E (who I've never heard of).  It's a sleek dance pop song befitting of 2000.  Many have called it the Korean "Bye Bye Bye".   Well, except it's much better.  Unrelated, it took a while to find a higher quality bitrate version of this song (as is the case with K-pop prior to 2003).  Thank goodness for eMule.