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not just for high school

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200 songs of the 2000s || asian edition: 095 morning - seup gwan
ptune wrote in themix_tape

A decade has passed.  So here are my picks of those ten years from all around Asia.

Seup Gwan
Lit. Habit
Return to the Innocence

STYLE Ballad, Orchestral Pop
FORMAT MP3 192kbps
YEAR 2003
LABEL Pony Canyon Korea

Morning is a South Korean female vocal group that debuted in 2003.  Their singles from their only album were "Seup Gwan" and "Haeng Bok Hae Jol Ge".  The members were Bo Ram, Sung Hee, Bo Yun and Min Kyung.  All girls would sing, but Min Kyung played the violin.  Today, Morning is no longer active.  ¶ It's really bizarre as to how current Korean girl groups lack substance.  Which is a stretch considering the girl groups of yesterday were Baby V.O.X and Diva.  They were fun, but had tender moments.  Stylized autotune, ADHD and fanciful electro beats have run amok.  Morning was a little more unique as one member played the violin, and the lead vocalists sounded rather good live.  Another girl would also do some light rapping to add a special touch (okay, every gayo song has a rap, whatever). To me, "Seup Gwan" is one of the most beautiful ballads recorded by a K-pop girl group.  Shame they didn't stick around.  Shame that most people confuse them for Morning Musume.  Don't quote me, but I think one girl was in a ZONE-ish Korean band called Gisele.