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not just for high school

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200 songs of the 2000s || asian edition: 097 angela aki - hallelujah
ptune wrote in themix_tape

A decade has passed.  So here are my picks of those ten years from all around Asia.

♪ Hallelujah
Angela Aki

STYLE Adult Contemporary, Piano Pop
FORMAT MP3 192kbps
YEAR 2006
LABEL Sony Music Japan

Kiyomi "Angela" Aki (b. 1977) is a Japanese singer-songwriter and trained pianist.  Her father (the owner of Aeon Corporation) is Japanese and her mother is Italian-American.  She grew up in Japan until she was fifteen, which is when she moved to Hawaii.  Angela majored in political science at George Washington University.  In 2000, Aki recorded an indies English album that was released in America.  It was not until 2005 did she release her first Japanese album, an independent EP called ONE.  Angela signed with Sony Music Japan and released her first major label single, "HOME", that same year.  It broke the top forty on the ORICON, but it was her second single "Kokoro no Senshi" that debuted in the top ten.  Today, Aki has recorded three Japanese studio albums so far.  Each has broken the top three on the charts.  Aki married for the second time in 2007.  ¶  While I think Angela has a great voice, her singles are generally monotonous.  They just don't encompass her potential.  Usually her best material is on the albums.  Such as the uptempo "Hallelujah" from her first album (if we're not counting her indies stuff).  It boasts an optimistic melody that beckons inspiration from fellow singer-pianists Sarah McLachlan and Tori Amos (if they were each on Prozac that is).